one-off: one lesson


This is for couples who already have some dance experience, or for those who are happy to learn a dance quickly, and practice it in their own time. I’ll choreograph a dance tailored to your abilities, song choice and personal preferences, which I will teach in one lesson. Want a dance that is short and sweet? This one is for you.

basic: two lessons


Many couples will find two lessons suited to their needs. The first lesson will be spent going through the basics and learning the choreography I’ve prepared for your dance. The second lesson will allow you to complete and revise any unlearned choreography, and will give you both an opportunity to ‘polish’ your steps so that you’re both feeling confident and excited.

we got this: three lessons


Three lessons are recommended for couples who want to make sure they not only remember their dance moves, but who would like an opportunity to build their confidence, focus on technique and fine-tune the details. I’ll make sure that by the end of three lessons you’ll be at ‘muscle memory’ stage, and that even those with two left feet are feeling more than ready for their first dance.

lock it down: four plus lessons

$390 (each class thereafter is $90)

It you’re ready to go full Flash Dance, want your guests talking about this for years to come, or simply have to have a full-blown dance medley, then this option is for you. For example, we can work on choreography that begins with a traditional waltz and finishes with a fun, upbeat song to get everyone cheering and on their feet. Perfectly suited to those who love musicals, a Grease mega-mix, or themed first dance. We can work with props, costumes, or you can keep it simple too.

flash mobs, parents & kids

please contact

Choreography for flash mobs, father-daughter/father-son/mother-son/mother-daughter dances, or something special that incorporates your family and friends can be done! Please contact me for an individualised quote.

travel fee

There is no charge for travel to metro Adelaide (20km) and under. For longer trips than 20km, a travel fee of $1 per kilometre (from Prospect) applies (no charge for the return journey). For interstate, overseas or regional travel, please contact me for a personalised quote.